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New Jefferson High magnet school surprisingly popular | The Oregonian
Potential customers debate Boeing and Airbus | The Seattle Times
Boise VA Medical Center gets grant to train more | IdahoStatesman
Oregon adds 9,800 jobs in February, biggest monthly | The Oregonian
Oregon House endorses bill requiring computer techs | The Oregonian
Obama to mayors: Childhood obesity 'weighing down | USA TODAY
Christians question divorce rates of faithful | USA TODAY
First to Leave Afghanistan Will Be Noncombat | The New York Times
Obama Urges Education Law Overhaul, | The New York Times
U.S. committed to nuclear power but wants | The Los Angeles Times
Germany to suspend nuclear extension plan, | CHINADAILYusa
Dhaka: fastest growing megacity in the world, | globalpost
Ex-bank chief heads Rio Olympics, | BBC
Handful of 'heroes' battles to keep nuclear plant under | CNN World
G-7 Finance Chiefs to Discuss Measures to | The New York Times
African football will earn almost $140m in television and marketing | CAF
South Africa replaces Libya as CAF U-20 hosts, | CAF
Jose Mourinho hopes to avoid old clubs in the | MTN Football
Rufai roots for Siasia, | Vanguard
Kings to become Anaheim Royals? | ESPN Los Angeles
Society & Culture
Somali Youth of Oregon and CIO hold the first Somali forum
Film festival showcases Africa’s talent, | All Africa
The Broadway musical Dreamgirls | Mediaclubsouthafrica
Bright future for Rwanda’s women, | Mediaclubsouthafrica
Cameroon: redeeming abandoned artistic talent, | AFRICAN News
Business & Technology
France Telecom SA’s Kenyan unit awarded a | IT News Africa
SEACOM has extended its low cost broadband | IT News Africa
McDonald's names Ramaphosa as SA licensee, | South African Times
World Bank vice-president calls for new | South African Times
Major spam network silenced mid-campaign, | BBC

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Senegal; Villages benefits from solar

Frequent power cuts have led people in rural areas of Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal to turn to solar energy for electricity. Promoters of solar panels say more than 80 villages in Senegal are already benefiting from this renewable energy source; in neighbouring Mali, more than 150 communities are enjoying solar power. According to solar manufacturer Sustainable Power Electric Company (SPEC), based in Senegal, photovoltaic cells, or solar panels, have been a potential solution for electrification in rural areas for years, with only the relatively high cost of installation preventing widespread adoption in West Africa.

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